Yasuhikotakia Morleti M



Order: Cypriniformes Family: Botiidae

Described from a tributary of the lower Mekong River system in Samraong Tong district, Kampong Speu province, Cambodia, but since recorded throughout the middle and lower Mekong in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam plus the Chao Phraya and Mae Klong drainages in western and central Thailand.

The majority of those seen on sale in the shops will have been farmed commercially for the purpose, though.

According to Rainboth (1996) this species can be found in both standing and flowing waters where it exists among crevices between or digs underneath rocks and submerged objects such as tree roots.

It undergoes seasonal migrations as part of its life cycle and can thus be found in various habitat-types depending on the time of year, from main river channels to smaller tributary drainages and temporarily-flooded zones.

It co-occurs with Yasuhikotakia lecontei, Y. modesta, and Syncrossus helodes across much of its range and in a survey of the Mun River conducted in Surin province, northeastern Thailand was collected alongside a host of other fish species including those three plus Acantopsis choirhynchos,
Maximum Standard Length
70 – 85 mm.

Aquarium Size
For long-term maintenance an aquarium with base measurements of 120 ∗ 30 cm or equivalent should be the smallest considered.

1.5 kg


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