Hemichromis Lifalili Jewel 6-7cm


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Hemichromis LIFALILI

Blood-Red Jewel Cichlid

Classification : Cichlidae

Habitat : It inhabits still and slow-moving creeks and tributaries. Despite their sluggish nature, these are usually rich in oxygen.

Maximum Standard Length : (10cm).

Aquarium Size : (75cm x 12cm x 12cm) - 70 litres.


Provide a roomy aquarium with as many hiding places as possible to help disperse aggresion and provide sanctuary. This can be achieved through the use of clay flower pots, rockwork (arrange this to form caves), driftwood and areas of dense planting. The species tends to dig, so any plants will need to be very strongly rooted or potted. It's essential that the water is well-oxygenated.

water conditions

Temperature: 73-79°F (23-26°C).

pH: 6.0-7.8

Hardness: 4-15°H


Primarily carnivorous, but will accept virtually anything offered. Live foods will help to enhance the colouration of the fish. Provide vegetable matter in the form of vegetable/spirulina flake or blanched spinach, as in nature this would be obtained from the guts of the aquatic invertebrates that form the majority of its diet.

Behaviour and Compatibility

A territorial species that becomes incredibly aggressive when spawning but is fairly placid otherwise. It can be kept with larger Alestiids such as Congo tetras, Synodontis catfish, Loricariids and, in a big tank, other African cichlids such as PelvicachromisIt's best kept in pairs, although simply purchasing a pair will usually result in the weaker fish being killed. Instead buy a group of young fish and allow a pair to form from those.

sexual dimorphism

Difficult to sex. Males are slightly more colourful when not inbreeding dress.

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