Guianacara owroewefi 3.5-4cm


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Scientific Name: Guianacara owroewefi
Type: Fresh water fish
Family: Cichlidae
Origin zone: South America
Origin: suriname, french guiana
Max length: 14 cm
Temperature: 25 - 28 C
pH: 6.5 - 7
gH: 5 - 8
Water flow: Medium flowing water
Preferred tank level: Bottom-Middle


These fish are very aggressive to each other. The aquarium should be set up with stones, driftwood and roots that make hiding places. Plants can not be used because they dig in the substrate very much during breeding times. You can keep them together with other fishes of the same size. You should keep them as a pair, in a large aquarium you can keep them is a group. You should give them live food such as Artemia or other small shrimp. Frozen and dry food are accepted as well. Breeding is rather easy. The eggs are laid and fertilized in a cave. The female cares for the eggs and the male defends the territory. After hatching the parents bring the larvae to a breeding pit. Now the males cares for the fry as well. You can raise the young fishes with baby brine shrimp.

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