cherry barb


  • Maintenance: easy
  • Character: peaceful
  • Water conditions: dKH 4-10, pH 6-7
  • Dietary habits: omnivorous
  • Size: <5cm


Barbs consume both plant and animal matter, including prepared foods, small live foods, and some vegetables. You will see your barbs swimming in the middle of your aquarium. To create a beautiful environment, make sure to add some swimmers up and down.

Things to Remember:

Primary diet: Choose tropical food with flakes or pellets. Feed according to the instructions on the package.

Vegetables: Small amounts of lettuce, zucchini, and peas are a good addition to their diet. Also, consider trying a prepared food made with spirulina (a nutritious type of algae). Remove any uneaten vegetables after four hours.

Specialized Foods: Vary their diet by including frozen or live foods like tubifex worms, small worms, mosquito larvae, and daphnia. Always remember to thaw frozen foods before feeding.

Aquarium: Start with a 40-liter aquarium or larger. A good rule of thumb is one gallon of water for every inch of fully grown fish.

Decor: Decorate their aquarium with rocks, wood, and plants, but make sure to place them on the sides and the back of the tank to leave enough open space for them to swim in the center.

Compatibility with other fish: Barbs are healthier and happier in an aquarium with a large school for active swimming and play. They can become aggressive if kept in a very small group or may become shy and withdraw if kept alone.

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