Custom Aquarium 350L


Aquarium dimensions: 120x50x70. The aquarium is reinforced with top and bottom bracings and has a 5mm crystal lid with a hole for easier access. The top reinforcement also means a reduction in humidity of up to 95%, and a second role is that lighting can be placed above the lid. We can also undertake any modifications you desire, such as extra holes or dimensions that suit your needs for this specific aquarium. We have been building aquariums since 1975. The construction of the aquarium is carried out after a study, and the glass is AA quality Ronde 10mm. The silicone we use is of European manufacture with specific specifications and a 15-year manufacturer's warranty. Under the Amazonios Gallery category, you can see some of our projects, some of which reach lengths of up to 14 meters!

*The base and decoration are not included in the price.


50 kg
120 × 50 × 70 cm